What Families are Saying

“We are so satisfied with the whole experience that we have had with the school in the last thirteen years. We are pleased with the staff and their commitment to Jesus Christ, their mentoring of our precious children, and how our children have grown.”

“I have been extremely satisfied with everything about the school.  Of all the tough choices we have to make as parents, I think this is one of the best decisions we have ever made.”    

“We have always wanted a school that was strong in academics, but provided a safe, loving, and spiritual atmosphere for our children. We have found that in ECS.”

Students Share What They Love About ECS



What Students Are Saying

"I like ECS because the teachers actually care about you and your needs and your grades. You can build relationships with your teachers. I love the small classes and that you really get close and become like brothers and sisters. You care about each other and tease each other. It is so much fun being able to go out for ice cream and field trips; you can’t really do that at other schools because of the class sizes. I am really going to miss ECS next year. I have gone here my whole life and it is like a family."    J.P

"Some of the strengths of ECS are the small class sizes, the commitment of the teachers and staff (and how much they care about each individual student and want them to do well), that because of the small class sizes you get more one-on-one time with teachers, you get to do more out of school activities (field trips, getting treats, trips etc.) and you make very close friends."    M.S.

"I like ECS because of the small class sizes. I also like ECS because we get one on one time with the teachers and we know that they really care about us. I love ECS because we don’t really have cliques; we are friends with everybody in our class."  A.T.