Handbook Summary

The aim of a Christian learning environment where faith and learning are truly integrated is the development of critically thinking Christian students who look intelligently at the world through the wisdom and discernment of a Christian worldview.

So that our school can promote academic excellence in a safe, structured environment:

  • Students should be in their seats on-time and ready to learn on scheduled school days.  
  • Behavior, clothing, or possessions that are unsafe or detract from the learning environment are not permitted.

So that Christian families in both this generation and the next will be able to partner with a school that reinforces the biblical values and perspective taught in their homes:

  • Parents should fulfill their commitments to keep ECS fiscally sound by participating in the PIP program and fundraising and fulfilling their tuition agreements.
  • Parents should fulfill their commitments to participate regularly in a Bible-based church and raise their children to know and serve God.