Christian Learning Community

Our Children Ask Big Questions: 

  • Who am I?  
  • Where did I come from?  
  • Where am I going?   

Like a pair of glasses, our way of looking at the world frames and focuses the way we answer these, and other life questions.  Our worldview matters because ideas have real consequences that shape our values, attitudes, beliefs, and actions.  

Children search for the answers to the big questions at home, at church, and at school.  We believe that educating children in a community that reinforces, rather than refutes or ignores, biblical principles taught in their home and church has an impact on their way of seeing the life.  A Christian learning environment helps God's children examine alternative answers- and additional questions- while wearing the "spectacles of Scripture." 

A Christian learning community regards each student as an image bearer of our God with unique talents and abilities that are used in service to Him.  Education is the foundation for God's calling in our vocations which are not only a task but also an invitation to worship.  

Ellensburg Christian School is a community where we model to our students and to each other what it means to live as God intended.  It is a place to learn together, play together, and pray together as we grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.  

A Biblical Worldview Makes a Difference

A Biblical worldview is what makes a Christian learning community unique from other types of education; our curriculum is a comprehensive plan to explore the richness of creation and to develop the skills needed for the students to engage culture positively. 

  • A Biblical worldview takes science beyond observing the physical world to exploring questions that equip students to better understand creation and stewardship.
  • Bible classes are opportunities to develop faith and walk together as we grow to love God with all our mind, heart, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves.
  • Mathematics shows God’s precision and order, which allows us to design, engineer, and construct projects that benefit others.  

At Ellensburg Christian School, Christian families have come together to provide an excellent academic program that prepares students to strive for excellence, yet base their worth on their identity in Christ.  Consider the very different underlying messages in core academic subjects when they are taught from a secular point of view rather than a biblical worldview:

Secular Worldview


Biblical Worldview


Math facts are reliable because they work. Do they work? If so, then they are true.


Math facts are reliable; they “work” because they are true.  God created unchangeable laws by which the universe operates


The world came about by chance. Events are random; there is no order,  no predictability. The universe is impersonal.


There is nothing random in the universe, neither in its creation, nor its operation. It was created on purpose, with purpose, by an Intelligent Designer. We can predict and make application based on the order, constancy, and eternality of the Creator’s laws.


Every author’s worldview that is expressed in his or her writing and all worldviews are both equally true, and equally valid. There are no universal absolutes. We must respect, accept, tolerate, and validate each one’s truth claims.  


Every author has a worldview expressed in his/her writing, but not all worldviews are equal or true. Every idea must be discussed and analyzed in light of the Word of God, which is the source of truth.


Mankind and chance control history. The future is primarily in man’s hands. We can manipulate society through massive social restructuring and government programs.


God is behind the scenes, nothing operates by chance.  History is the study of secondary causes under the Sovereign Controller of the universe.  History is not cyclical, but linear-- from creation until the end when Christ appears to judge the quick and the dead and ushers in the New Heaven and New Earth. All events fit in with God’s purposes in bringing about His ultimate plan.