Serving Our School Family

Board of Education

Ellensburg Christian School is a private school governed by a nine-member Board of Education whose members are elected by parents. The Board is elected at our Annual Meeting, usually held the Thursday before Spring Break in mid-March. We strongly encourage all parents to attend this yearly meeting.

The Board of Education sets the direction and vision of the School.  The Board approves and oversees policies through its standing committees and designated representatives and is ultimately responsible for the hiring of administrative and teaching staff.

Current Board of Education Members

President:  Mrs. Christina Denison, Community Member

Vice President: Mrs. Deb Lampley, ECS Parent

Secretary: Mr. George Clark, ECS Parent

Treasurer: Mr. Fred Lampley, Community Member

                   Mr. Brian Sorenson, ECS Parent

Mr. Toby Williams. ECS Parent




Principal:  Mrs. Tammie Lenz

Office: Mrs. Kim Norelius

Bookkeeper: Ms. Dina Yook


Kindergarten: Mrs. Alyssa Morken

First Grade: Mrs. Angela Nelson

Second Grade: Mrs. Brittany Lund

Third Grade: Mrs. Jackie Charlton

Fourth Grade: Miss Kelsey Shibley

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Tania De Boer

Sixth Grade & Mid-High Social Studies: Mr. John Klein

Seventh Grade & Mid-High Language Arts: Mrs. Charity Scheffer

Eighth Grade & Mid-High Science: Mr. Bob Kuich

Algebra: Mr. Jonathon Stein

Music: Mrs. Dawana Foster & Mrs. Laina Brown

Spanish: Mr. Jonathon Stein

Physical Education: Mr. Jonathon Stein (6-8) & Mrs. Amelia Finley (K-5)

Recess Supervisor: Mrs. Diane Teske