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The Parent Involvement Program (PIP) allows ECS to provide additional help in the school without increased tuition costs. All families work a one-hour PIP service hour per week or opt out of PIP by paying to hire additional help. Fees due are listed on enrollment applications, and payment is due by the first day of school. In the event that a family has a conflict with their scheduled PIP hour, they should arrange to switch PIP assignments with another parent. Parents who forget to fulfill their PIP service, or are unable to work a PIP service hour but have not found a substitute, will be required to pay $25.00 for the missed PIP. If sudden illness impacts a PIP, please call at least three people who may be able to substitute. If a reasonable effort has been made to find a replacement but none can be found and the family has called the office so the teacher can be notified, the missed PIP fee may be waived.

Learn More About SCRIP

Visit our Scrip desk A great way to help our school is to purchase Scrip gift cards through ECS. Here’s how it works: When you purchase gift cards from our school we get to keep a percentage of the gift card’s face value since retailers sell them to ECS at a reduced rate (usually 1-5% of the face value). Gift cards are available for local grocery stores, major retailers, as well as gas stations and restaurants. The ECS Scrip desk is open Monday through Friday 8:15 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. (The scrip desk is inside the front hall of the school.) Questions? Call us at 925-2411. Buy Online with Scrip Now! Shopping with Scrip has never been easier or faster than when you buy electronic gift cards through Scrip Now! E-gift cards are available from 60 shops such as, Bath & Body Works, and Cabela’s. With the site’s PrestoPay online payment system shopping for scrip is as easy as A-B-C! Visit to sign-up for PrestoPay and Scrip Now! Other ways to support ECS You can learn more about how to support ECS on our support page.


Please log in to ParentsWeb to access the full student handbook. New families may access the full handbook by beginning an online application. Please read the Student Handbook before completing an application for your student. Handbook Summary The aim of a Christian learning environment where faith and learning are truly integrated is the development of critically thinking Christian students who look intelligently at the world through the wisdom and discernment of a Christian worldview. So that our school can promote academic excellence in a safe, structured environment: 1. Students should be in their seats on-time and ready to learn on scheduled school days. 2. Behavior, clothing, or possessions that are unsafe or detract from the learning environment are not permitted. So that Christian families in both this generation and the next will be able to partner with a school that reinforces the biblical values and perspective taught in their homes: 3. Parents should fulfill their commitments to keep ECS fiscally sound by participating in the PIP program and fundraising and keeping their tuition agreements. 4. Parents should fulfill their commitments to participate regularly in a Bible-based church and raise their children to know and serve God.