How Our Children Think and Why it Matters


Like a pair of glasses, our way of looking at the world frames and focuses how we answer life’s questions such as: Who am I?  Where did I come from? How can I be happy?  Where am I going?  The answers make all the difference.

Those with a biblical worldview believe that the Bible tells the true, life-changing story of the world, acknowledge an all-powerful and good creator God who is actively involved in human affairs, and view life through the ethical and moral lens of the Bible. They believe the relationship between God and people has been broken by sin, but that God reached out to restore that relationship through the gift of salvation which was provided by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A Biblical worldview makes Ellensburg Christian School’s mission distinctive.  In addition to a solid educational foundation, ECS equips youth to live according to God's unchanging values in a swiftly changing world. The curriculum helps students not only know God more deeply and live for him more faithfully, but also grow in wisdom and responsible service toward God, others, and God’s world.  

Science is the study of an intentional and good creation. The scientific method allows students to find truth using evidence to support and refute observations. A biblical worldview of science takes students beyond observing the world to exploring questions that equip them to better understand creation and stewardship. In the same way, mathematics allows students to discover the precise, unchangeable laws by which the universe operates. Math offers opportunities to push back the brokenness in God’s world using mathematical knowledge to design, engineer, and construct projects that benefit others.

Since human experience in all its rich variety is a good gift from the Creator, Social Studies classes allow students to examine powerful ideas and their cultural consequences.  For example, Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s belief in the inherent value of each person resulted in the Civil Rights movement which impacts and restores communities to this day.

Literacy skills help students seek first to understand, and then to be understood. They learn to articulate the worldview of characters in a story, as well as recognize the theme presented.  A Christian learning environment helps students examine alternative views as well as their own and to offer an answer for the hope within a biblical worldview.  

As students learn to view all of life from the Creator’s perspective it prepares them to strive for excellence yet base their worth on who they are as an image bearer of Christ--providing security, significance and worth. The intrinsic value of every human being urges students to think beyond their own needs to consider the needs of others.  

At the core of a biblical worldview lies the pursuit of a loving personal relationship with the Triune God. This worldview presents internally and externally consistent claims of truth, answers critical questions about the universe and human experience, and meets instinctive human needs; therefore, it is the desire of Ellensburg Christian School that our students, in school and out, practice their faith in ways that transform culture and build the kingdom of God.

Worldviews matter because ideas have real consequences that shape values, attitudes, beliefs, and ultimately actions.